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What is KTOG?

1. KTOG is short for the Kel-Tec Owners Group email list server.
2. The KTOG email address is [email protected]. All email should be sent to this address. Individuals email addresses may also be added to the CC: or BCC: address blocks but should not be put in the TO: block.
2. The KTOG listserver sends individual messages out to the group as they are received, as well as a digest version of all messages once a day. You may subscribe to either version.
3. Any email sent to [email protected] will be sent back to all KTOG members.
4. Questions and general comments should always be sent directly to [email protected].
5. Replies should be sent directly to [email protected] and optionally to the individual's address using the CC: or BCC: blocks.
6. Members should add the KTOG email address ([email protected]) to their address book in their email program so that adding KTOG to the TO: block is done with ease.
7. Discussion should be limited to issues concerning handgun and specifically Kel-Tec ownership. This allows plenty of latitude. Courtesy is expected. This is a moderated group so please observe this. Period.

8. To unsubscribe from KTOG, send an empty email to: [email protected] = unsubscribe to KTOG

9. All mailing list problems should be reported to the KTOG Administrators: [email protected]. Our current moderator is Bill Dagget.
Questions, Suggestions and comments about the website should be directed to Ray Morris <[email protected]>.

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Take a look at the "Rules of the range"

Go to KTOG Yahoo Group - The messages will be found at the messages link on the left side.
NOTE: You WILL need a password to access the archives. Just enter your registered KTOG email address and your egroups password. If you do not know you password, or it simply doesn't work, just go to Yahoo! Sign-in and Registration Help and use the password reminder service. Getting a new, or resetting your old, password is easy! The archives are not viewable to non-members, so sign in if you want to view them!

This is a place where Kel-Tec owners can connect to other owners via the internet. You can use this forum to let other owners know what you like or don't like about your Kel-Tec, what works or doesn't work, to ask questions (and one of our standing rules is that there are no dumb questions), provide answers to questions (sometimes even before they're asked!), and share your shooting experiences. Folks who are considering purchasing a Kel-Tec are also welcome to ask questions. However, as the name implies the KTOG is an OWNERS email discussion group. Prospective owners questions will be answered via direct email from KTOG members. If you are a prospective owner, your email address will NOT be automatically added to the distribution list. Upon notification of purchasing a Kel-Tec, we will gladly add you to the distribution list.

For the web forum on ktog.org / thektog.org, see the Rules Post.

KTOG Yahoo Group (email list) of the range and tips for easy listserver / forum communications

The rules of the range: KTOG is a forum for discussing all the aspects of purchasing, owning, and caring for the firearms produced by Kel-Tec CNC, Inc., as well as accessories produced by other companies that enhance the Kel-Tec ownership experience.

Please take the responsibility to comply with posting guidelines of this forum. THIS FORUM IS NOT A PLACE for discussion of politics, conspiracy theory, alien abduction, or the latest diet fad. We try to keep this list focused on the subject at hand: Kel-Tec firearms.

That said, there are three basic rules under which this list operates, listed in order of importance:
1) KEEP IT NICE. We are not here to worship Kel-Tec. We will take the good with the bad. But discussion needs to be kept respectful and civil in order to keep this a place where constructive information can be shared.

2) KEEP IT CLEAN. Foul language generally insults the user's own intelligence more than it insults anybody else. Again, disagreement is fine, as long as it remains respectful of the rest of the membership.

3) KEEP IT ON TOPIC. It is very tempting to discuss political developments, gun control, and local issues here; resist the temptation and find a more appropriate place to post such topics.

Keeping the list easy to read and threads easy to follow (for the email discussion group):
1) SNIP EXTRANEOUS MATERIAL when replying: if you are replying to a single point in a multi-point post, please snip all but the issue you are addressing.

2) REMOVE THE FOOTERS! In order to use Yahoo's services, we have agreed to let them place advertising at the end of each post. It is followed by the KTOG footer. Please snip these to save space, as new ones will be added to your reply!

3) If you change the topic of a thread in your reply, CHANGE THE SUBJECT LINE, too!


5) Remember that over one-half of all KTOG members use the digest format; you can help keep the digest easy to read by following the guidelines above.

6) And finally, if you do receive the digest, remember to change the subject and remove the rest of the digest when you reply to a specific post in it!

Thanks for keeping KTOG a friendly, comfortable for new KT owners and veterans alike to discuss our little pistols!

How to subscribe to KTOG
Subscribing to KTOG is pretty simple and straightforward. Simply send an empty email as listed below:

[email protected] = subscribe to KTOG

To subscribe to the digest format of KTOG, subscribe as above and then visit the egroups website. You must change your personal options to the digest format.

To switch from the digest format back to the regular format, again, visit the egroups site and change your options.

To unsubscribe from KTOG, send an empty email to: [email protected] = unsubscribe to KTOG

I M P O R T A N T ! ! !
Please do not send MIME encoded or HTML format messages to KTOG. And please don't include attachments (note that forwarded messages are often attachments). They will be deleted and never seen. This means you may have to change the default settings in your email program. Your cooperation is appreciated. Thanks!

1) Please do not spam, flood, take advantage of, or abuse this list.
2) This list is NOT to be used for postings of a commercial nature.
3) We are not responsible for the content of messages which are sent via this list.
4) Messages posted to this list may not be re-distributed in any way without the written permission of the list owner.

If you experience any problems with posting to KTOG, please send an email directly to the KTOG Administrators at [email protected] and please be sure to reference KTOG in the subject line. One of the moderators will get back to you.

Special thanks to KTOGer Jon Hughes for his time and effort to establish the KTOG list server no matter where it has been housed, and his continued support and time dedicated to keeping things going!