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JFR 3-Way Holster
The JFR pocket holster, in combination with the P11, is a real boon to legal concealed carry. However, if there is one constant to concealed carry it is probably that one method will never suffice for all situations, or preferences. Here is a simple way to adapt this fine holster to inside the waist band carry, with the capability of being carried with the shirt tail tucked in, a real plus in some situations. This can be done while maintaining its usefulness as a pocket holster. The concept is simple, provide space between the holster and the belt clip to tuck the shirt tail into.

1. A JFR type pocket holster.
2. A piece of fairly stiff leather or leather substitute, at least 1.75" wide.*
3. A belt clip to attach to this piece.*
4. Snap fasteners to secure the above combination to the holster.**

* I used an old dress belt which seemed to be of some man-made material sandwiched over leather. The belt clip was salvaged from an Uncle Mike's belt clip holster (found the donor holster in a box of second hand holsters at gun dealers store for $3.00)

** The snap fasteners were from Wall-Mart's sewing supplies department. The snaps were in a small package with instructions and the tools necessary to apply them to the material. They were very inexpensive (two or three dollars) for several snaps. The snaps I used were about 1/2 inch across.

1. Cut a piece of the stiff material about 1 inch shorter than the holster.
2. Fasten the belt clip to this piece of material (see photo).***
4. If desired, trim the material to taper to the same width as the belt clip near the top. Shorten the retaining part of the belt clip (see photo).****
3. Fasten the combination to the bottom edge of the holster, using snaps.
4. Cover the part of the metal snaps that will come into contact with the pistol slide.*****

*** I used contact cement to fasten the belt clip to the material, it has held up well, no loosing after several months.
**** This lessens the amount of exposed material that can be seen that passes over the waist band.
***** To prevent the metal from scratching the slide of the pistol. I used strips of electricians tape, which seems to wear well and stays in place.


This gives one 3 options with the same basic holster. Pocket carry, normal IWB carry, and IWB with shirt tucked in to cover the butt of the gun. Carrying with the tucked in shirt as cover will undoubtedly effect one's ability to draw the weapon quickly. This is a trade off.

I find that placing the belt clip over my trousers waistband, under my belt, lessens the amount of material that can been seen by a keen eye. That's another reason I used a hack saw to shorten the clip part so it wouldn't stick out beyond my belt.

Tucking in the shirt tail is awkward at first. It requires some practice before it becomes easy. The method I use is to tuck my shirt in first, then position holster between waist-band and shirt as is usually done. Next I grasp my undershirt (if wearing one) with one hand through my pocket and with the other hand pull the shirt tail out on each side of holster. Next I place my thumb between the holster and the belt clip to open up the space available there, and holding the holster in position with thumb and fingers, use my other hand to slide the shirt tail down in the space between the holster and the clip/strap. It is necessary for me to reach one hand behind my back to tuck in the back part of the shirt tail. As so many things, this is harder to describe than to do.

The hardest part of this is finding a suitable belt clip, but looking for one is half the fun. At any rate you probably won't need more than one, and even tearing up a new holster may be cheaper than buying a commercial version of this type holster.

Any questions? I'll answer them if I can. [email protected]