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Miscellaneous Stuff
If it didn't fit into one of the other categories, chances are you'll find it here!

The MouseMag32 Project
GoldenLoki's website, a chronicle of the ground-breaking hot-rod project for the Kel-Tec P-32. Also take a look at the rest of GL's Kel-Tec stuff. Lots of great info there!

KTOG "Official" lube
Militec Distributors

KTOGer/Gunsmith Jack Fuselier offers a great deal to other KTOG members. Check it out at his website.

Shipping a Firearm
Tips on how to not get your gun stolen

Shipping Ammunition
Adazon articles by John Barth

Grip Colors
Photo by GoldenLoki, Hosted by Bill Combs
(*Note from Jim K: I would create a locally stored image, but this photo is as good as we're going to get. I held my samples up to the screen, and this is as close a color representation as we're going to see! No need to re-do the shot, IMHO.)

Comparison Table
P-11 vs. P-40 Table - Word Document (By zen ben)

Energy Calculator
The famous KTOG Energy Calculator - Excel document (Data Source: Speer Reloading Manual #11, page 612)

The KTOG "FAQ" - very entertaining for long-time KTOGers and also can teach newbies what NOT to ask again!

SWPSBGS: SpitWad Post-Shooting Bad Guy Survey

How to be Liberal - an examination of the stranger contradictions of modern Liberalism

Other Sites/Forums
USA Carry - Concealed Firearm Information and Resources