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A Kel-Tec P-11 "fashion show"
by Jack Moran Here are a few fashion shots of my Mistress "KT" . . . accessorized with the most attractive haute couture.

First is the plain, closed "Day-Timekeeper"; an innocent affair to be sure. This simple, but attractive, business attire completely conceals her petite figure and sexy smooth curves.


Next Mistress KT is seen snuggled into a custom saddle leather retainer with her favorite accoutrements: S&W Responder knife with glass-breaker, hi-intensity Xeon mini-light, and her favorite fragrance, Capsicum. This is a HOT combination! She is easily accessible from the zippered side opening, even without being visible.


This next shot shows the accessories removed from their business carrier. The reversed belt clip is clearly visible, as is the trigger shoe and trigger stop set screw.

kt with knife, spray

We also see her in full evening attire, with pinky trigger actuated Xeon mini-light mounted. Please note the smooth, seductive fully "melted" and refinished lines. Her silken curves are a delight to touch. She is in simple basic black with pearlesent site-outline, not visible here but very visible by candlelight or the reflection of her intense Xeon spot. Please note too, the coy reversed belt clip, that allows for SOB carry with butt to the right side, a much easier reach than having her cute butt turned to the left.

kt with light

Finally, here she is nuzzling and cuddling up to her black leather limo, with a full FBI tilt. A snug,but very comfortable, carry for a sexy lady.

kt with holster

That concludes this evening's fashion show. We hope you enjoyed it!