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KTOGers having a good time at the NRA Range in Fairfax, VA!
(Feb. 99)

Photos courtesy of KTOGer Ray Whitney (who, at 82, has the distinct honor of being the oldest known KTOGer -- you go, Ray!).
Click on smaller image to see a larger version.

nra1-sm.jpg - 9327 Bytes

L-to-R: Tom "you can shoot .40 just fine in a .45 without a conversion kit" Shellenberger, Bill "Dirty Harry" Delaney, Dave "Cowboy" Bell, Chuck "my expensive gun hates Dave's el cheapo ammo" Pena, and Ted "Jinx" Hamilton (foreground, scrounging around for supposedly dented .40 S&W brass so he can whine on KTOG).

nra3-sm.jpg - 11121 Bytes Chuck shoots, oblivious to everyone else having a look-see at the goodies in Tom Shellenberger's range bag. That's Guy "my wife shoots better than me" Shoaf holding a KelTec Sub-9. Guy's wife, Laura, can be seen at the far left edge of the picture. No one is shooting with her because they don't want to be embarrassed!

nra4-sm.jpg - 8431 Bytes Hey, someone actually shooting a P40!!! Holster is a Wild Bill's Speed Scabbard.

nra5-sm.jpg - 7280 Bytes What you can't see in this picture is the chunk of wall that Ted Hamilton shot out!!!