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KTOG photo gallery
If you have photos of your Kel-Tecs and you'd like to see them as part of the KTOG gallery, just let Chuck know!

A Visit to Kel-Tec CNC!

Bill Daggett's "fluffed and buffed" P-11

Mike Anderson's "melted" P-11

Jack Moran's P-11
WARNING: This page contains many pictures and may take a while to load (but it's definitely worth the wait!)

A pic of Ken Smith's P-11 in the hands of Mas Ayoob. And be sure to visit Ken's "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" web site about his experience at LFI.

A write-up and pics of Mike Anderson's Grendel P12, the P-11's "grandfather."

Pics of Doug Hunter's P-11, as well as an expanded Federal Personal Defense 135gr JHP after being shot at an attacking milk jug.

Thanks to KTOGer Ray Whitney for sharing these (digital) pics of a KTOG outing at the NRA Range.

Pics of KTOGers at TargetMaster (Chadds Ford, PA)