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Illustrated Fluff & Buff by GoldenLoki (4 pages)

Slide Stop Fix by Chandler Bates III

Detailed Fluff & Buff by Chandler Bates III

Reassembling the P-32 (Jack Fuselier)

Cole LaFrance's Trigger Performance Improvements Version 4.1

Bill White's Trigger Stop

Bill Daggett's "Fluff and Buff"

Curing those magazine rattle blues (Phil Atkinson, Bill Daggett)

Light strike fixes (Glenn Higa, Chandler Bates III)

Hammer spring removal tool (Paul Solomon, Chandler Bates III)

Lubrication Guide (Jack Fuselier, Cole LaFrance)

Slide-hammer interface burr (Glenn Higa)

For those with "fat" fingers (Jack Fuselier)

Trigger shoe installation and modification (Chandler Bates III)

Firing pin removal (William Bell)

Trigger return stop (Zen Ben)

Mags dropping free (Chandler Bates III)

Bill Combs' Kel-Tec data site (Including the Parts List and Parts Orders And Design/Manufacture Changes pages)

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