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KTOG.ORG WARNING - Never polish any part of the aluminum frame. The black anodizing protects the soft aluminum from wear and should NOT be removed.

Bill Daggett's "Fluff and Buff"
The following is a compilation of "simple solutions" by KTOGer Bill Daggett. Please note: These solutions are NOT necessary for the Kel-Tec P11 to operate properly. They are simply ways of refining an already suitable carry weapon.

How to improve the grip on the stainless steel slide
Take a hardened tool like a high quality allen wrench or flat head screw driver and forcefully "drag" or scrape it down the rear edges of each groove in the slide. The roughens and sharpens the edges which are utilized when pulling the slide back. Try it, it works well. Be carefull not to scratch the bottom of the grooves. This would be cosmetically unappealing. If you do scratch it, repolish and try again.

How to improve the magazine release (mag sticks in well)
Use a silicon based plastic/vinyl protectant like Son-of-a-gun or ArmorAll or BlackMagic. Wipe it into the magazine well after cleaning it. The mag will fall out effortlessly afterwards.

How to stop those rattling magazines
Some of the Mec-Gar mags (although high quality) are too wide which allows the "double stack" of 10 rounds to have less height than normal. Take a pair of Channel-Lock pliers and a shop rag and place the rag around the empty mag. Then GRADUALLY squeeze the mag with the tips of the jaws on the pliers all along the front and rear sides 3/8 inches in from the edges of the mag. You may not see any deflection at first. Go slowly. As you see a slight deflection, reload to full capacity and shake vigorously to check for rattles. The front edge seems to make the most difference because of the taper of 9mm rounds. (The rattle is from the looseness of the bullet end of the stack) Mine was really noisey and you could hear my P-11 rattle when I walked briskly or jogged. Now it is totally silent.

BTW, if your mag DOESN'T rattle but you are jamming occasinally, yours might be too narrow causing tightness and slow feeding. Just a thought FWIW.

How to make a P-11 slide return after reload with one hand
The slot in the left side of the slide that catches the slide-release lever when the mag is empty has not enough angle on the rear of the slot to allow the slide-release to be easily pressed down with the right thumb. This is due to really strong recoil springs because the P-11 is so short. The slot can be easily filed to have a slight angle and polished for a smooth one-hand release.

1. Remove the slide.
2. Using a file to SLIGHTLY angle the otherwise vertical edge of the slot.
3. Polish the newly shaped edge.
4. Option: Knock out the polymer grip pins. Disconnect the hammer spring. Remove the frame from grip. Stone and Polish the Slide-Release lever on the contacting edge so it has flat contact with the reworked slot edge. Reassemble.

Mine is firm but easy to operate one-handed. I consider this an excellent option to pulling back the slide with the opposite hand.

Magazine checkup
Clean your mags by pressing the little button on the bottom and sliding the base plate off to open it up. Remove the spring and "plunger" (?) and clean everything well. I put mine under warm water then dry them out. OK I admit I'm a Dremel polishing freak. I polished my "plunger" even though it is plastic. It seems to help it slide better. I also polished the contacting surfaces (the outside) of the spring. Speed is everything in a magazine. The less friction (or sticking of surfaces), the faster the next round reaches the chamber. This might help folks with jamming problems.

My gun looks like a million bucks IMNSHO. I've polished my stainless steel slide till it is very smooth unlike the stock finish. I carry totally conceiled so brightness doesn't matter. I have also taken a flat stone and rubbed flat all of the flat surfaces on the barrel then polished them to a mirrored finish. I didn't do this for looks (at first). I did it to smooth up (even more because mine worked fine) the locking and unlocking of the breech. I also polished all contacting internal surfaces of both barrel and slide. This causes the action to be very smooth. I did polish the barrel (round part) and metal spring guide for looks and they do look good. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

BTW, I also beveled/polished the opening of the mag well. It helps in insertion/removal of mags.