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Trigger fix for fat fingers
KTOGer Jack Fuselier's finger was getting pinched by the P11 trigger, so he offers the following for anyone else experiencing the same problem:

For most Kel-Tec owners this is not a problem. For the few of us who have "banana" fingers the Kel-Tec trigger will "bite" at the top and cause the shooter to flinch, snatch the trigger or some other way ruin the accuracy of this fine pistol. Here is the fix I developed for my own gun by filling the "notch" at the top of the trigger with "5 minute" epoxy.

To do this right it is necessary to remove the aluminum frame from the gun and lay it upside down on your workbench. Release the trigger bar and trigger spring so that the trigger will hold in a "pulled" position. This will expose the notch. Degrease the notch. Mix a tiny drop of epoxy with candle black for coloring.

You can get candle black from a cold spoon held over a candle flame. Apply this tiny drop of epoxy to fill the notch to the approximate radius of the trigger face. Be sure to experiment first with the epoxy to gain dexterity and determine setting time. Apply the epoxy as it is setting or it may run and drip for an very long time and gum up your gun. If you have done this right and not used too much epoxy the trigger will look as though it was made this way initially.

The next step before reassembly is to open up the plastic grip ahead of the trigger opening for clearance. A very sharp knife will work, a small round file is best. Reassemble and enjoy.