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A trip to Nirvana
These pictures were provided by William Bell. Here's what he had to say about his visit to the little gun factory that could:

"This was an afternoon that I spent with George Kelgren and Cliff Davis at the Kel-Tec Factory.... they were in the process of expanding at that time..... the expansion is complete now. My wife Karen was with me. George showed us everything we wished to see and answered a ton of questions."

Kel-Tec CNC, Inc. - Cocoa, Florida
Our Mecca: Kel-Tec CNC, Inc. Front view

Smaller pictures of the whole trip can be found below. Please click on any image to see a larger version.

East side of the building

CNC machines. Conception of all Kel-Tecs begins here.

Operator making frames - Note smile. He's happy knowing you will be a satisfied customer!

Kel-Tec birthing area, where all the parts come together. Technician on left is assembling Sub-9s, P-32s are being assembled on backside of his bench. The ladies in the background are assembling P-11s and P-40s. The newly constructed bluing area is just off camera to the left.

Sub-9s in Glock configuration

The reloading crew (3). They provide nourishment to new born Kel-Tecs.

Technician testing newborn P-11. Note new pistols in foreground. He is firing at target downrange - bullet trap in front.

Expansion of plant showing new bluing/finishing area

Cliff Davis at his desk - work bench is behind him

Digital readout of trigger weight - readout is tripped at 9.8 lbs.

Part of Kel-Tecs security system - Them is gators, folks..."The Evil Twins."

Cliff holding the "official" unofficial KTOG T-shirt. "The Plastic Fantastic."

The P-50? A .50 cal BMG round Personal Defense Device.
Capacity: 3 rounds
Weight: 12.6 oz. unloaded.